Pictured left to right, front: Rebecca Lubens, Jenni Acosta
Pictured left to right, back: Suzanne Freudberg, Betsy Lanjuin, Mari Young


Rebecca Lubens

Executive Director
[email protected]
Rebecca has in-depth experience with nonprofit management and communications, with expertise in program development, fundraising, board relations and community outreach. Rebecca received an A.B. in American Civilization from Brown University and an M.S. in Communication from Boston University.

Jenni Acosta

Program Director
[email protected]
Jenni has developed and delivered programs, coordinated volunteers, and shared the mission of nonprofit organizations in Austin, TX, and the Boston area. She has a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University.

Patricia Salic

Director of Development
[email protected]

Patricia brings 7 years of fundraising experience in science and the arts with Whitehead Institute and the Society of Arts and Crafts.  Prior to this, she spent over 14 years working in the luxury cosmetics industry in Marketing, Sales and Product Development, with L’Oreal USA and the LVMH group of companies.

Betsy Lanjuin

Operations Manager
[email protected]
Betsy, a longtime Newton resident, has many years of experience in all aspects of non-profit management. Betsy has a bachelor’s degree in German and French from Tufts University.

Mari Young

Kit Coordinator
[email protected]
Mari spent almost a decade volunteering and coordinating UOD at Horace Mann Elementary School, and has a background in teaching and special education. Mari has a BA in Science from Boston University, specializing in Marine Biology and Earth Science.

Suzanne Freudberg

Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Suzanne’s first career was in Sales and Marketing in the publishing industry. She also has been a PTO and school volunteer in a variety of roles for the last 15 years and has a B.A. in American Studies and Psychology from Brandeis University.

Lisa DePalma
Program Coordinator

Punam Sharma
Program Coordinator