Dr. Jen Arnold to Keynote Spring Benefit May 4

UOD is thrilled to announce that Dr. Jen Arnold will be the keynote speaker at our 45th anniversary celebration on Thursday evening, May 4 at UMass at Mount Ida in Newton. For more information about the Spring Benefit and to purchase tickets, click here.

Dr. Arnold is a physician who is Board Certified in Neonatal Medicine and is currently the Program Director of Immersive Design Systems at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is both a passionate neonatologist and a healthcare simulation educator.

Dr. Arnold stands at 3 foot 2 and has a rare type of dwarfism. She and her husband Bill (and their children Will and Zoey) were featured on TLC’s docu-drama, The Little Couple, which followed their personal and professional lives. The show proved to be an invaluable method to break down barriers and educate people around the country about people with disabilities.