Wisdom from Our Founders Event

In 2013, UOD held an event called, “Understanding Our Differences Past and Present – Featuring Carol Beard, Founders and Past Leaders, Current Board and Staff.”  It was an event to introduce past leaders who did not know the current board, and current board members who did not know past leaders. It was an event to share stories from the early beginnings of UOD (then called Understanding Handicaps), and to celebrate how far the organization had come since its founding in 1978.  Included below are just a few of the clips from the event that illustrate the importance of UOD and some of the amazing individuals who have been involved. 

“Think Big, Reach Out Broadly to Community, Engage Real People in Real Conversations”

Founding of Understanding Handicaps (UOD)

Susan Bookbinder and Carol Beard speak about the early days of UOD

Curriculum Creation and Expansion through Newton Schools

Founder Carol Beard talks about how the program was developed and grew within the Newton schools

Educating Communities

Students aren’t the only ones who learn from UOD — volunteers, educators and guest speakers have also learned from the program.  Cynthia O’Hare, Trina Schickel, Cathy Jepsen, Linda Hiller and Terry Bromfield share what they have gained through their involvement with UOD.







Program Impact

Over the past 40 years, the UOD program has had an impact on Newton and beyond.  Beth Tishler, Carol Kanin, Rebecca Lubens and Cathy Jepsen all speak about the importance of UOD to the community and students.

Carry the Wisdom Forward

A reminder from Susan Epstein about how to approach the next 40 years!