Citywide Volunteer Sign Up

Understanding Our Differences relies on volunteers to deliver our program in the Newton Public Schools in grades 3-5. Citywide volunteers are dedicated individuals who are willing to help deliver our program units at any of the 15 Newton elementary schools.

What does a Citywide volunteer do?

Typically what is requested of a citywide volunteer is leading small groups of children in one activity.  There are usually about 3 groups that rotate through one activity.  After training, volunteers feel comfortable leading a small group of children through one of the hands-on activities.  If volunteers are comfortable with speaking or presenting, there may be opportunities to help present a slide show presentation or video to an assembly of students.

What is the level of commitment required?

As part of the Citywide Team, volunteers can help as little as once a school year, but they usually want to help more if they can!  Schedules of the units being delivered at each of Newton’s 15 elementary schools are given in advance and as the school year progresses volunteers are updated with requests for schools that have the greatest need for extra help.