Training Workshop Registration

The UOD program in Newton is delivered by well trained parent and other caregiver volunteers associated with a particular school — School Volunteers — as well as volunteers from the community — Citywide Volunteers.  We host training workshops at the beginning of every school year, offer online activity training videos and support.

Whether you are helping with one unit at a Newton Public School, are a school coordinator helping to organize or present the units for a grade level at a Newton Public School, or a citywide volunteer wanting to help out any Newton Public School requesting help, we encourage you to attend our training workshops.

Training Workshop descriptions

New Coordinator training — will cover everything a school coordinator needs to know to organize and present UOD units at their school.  This training primarily covers logistics and necessary steps to running a successful UOD program.

Grade Level training — will cover the content and materials for the units presented in a particular grade.
In Newton Public Schools:
3rd Grade (2 units) – Blindness/Low Vision and Deafness/Hard of Hearing
4th Grade (2 units) – Chronic Medical Conditions and Learning Disabilities
5th Grade (3 units) – Autism, Intellectual Disabilities and Physical Disabilities

New training workshops will be available in the 2021-2022 school year.

If you would like to connect with UOD for other training options or if you have questions, please contact:
UOD Program Director, Jenni Acosta at [email protected]