Intelligent Lives Screening and Discussion

Close up of man painting with colorful art behind and phrase "You never know what people can do" and Intelligent Lives: a film by Dan Habib

On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, UOD and the Newton Free Library co-hosted a screening of the film Intelligent Lives and held a lively moderated discussion afterwards. Whether you were able to attend this event or not, here are some follow up thoughts: 

What can you do to be more supportive of people of all abilities?

” Inclusion is meaningless without empowerment.” – artist Steve Hamilton
  • Keep the conversation going. The discussion after the film was brief and hopefully just the beginning. Talk to your friends and neighbors about what you learned last night.
  • Encourage schools, businesses and government to find more ways to be inclusive and recognize that disability is part of diversity.
  • If you own a business, or are in a position to hire people, consider ways to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to find meaningful work.

One of the best ways to promote inclusive communities?  Get involved with UOD! UOD has many opportunities to get involved, but here are just a few:

Special thanks

UOD would like to thank:
  • The Intelligent Lives Project, for awarding UOD a free Intelligent Lives education kit
  • Ellen Meyers and the Newton Free Library, for co-hosting this event
  • Lisa Goldthwaite, Assistant Department Head of Special Education at Newton North High School and Nathan Persampieri, Mass Bay college student and UOD volunteer, for moderating the discussion
  • Marc Lacatell of MLAC Photography for event photography .  And, here are some photos from the event for your enjoyment: 

Co-sponsored by:

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