Support the Project

Understanding Our Differences has decades of expertise, but we need your support now to achieve our vision for distributing our program using technology.

A substantial increase in funding is needed to achieve this expansion, which will ensure all schools and individuals that could benefit from the UOD program can access it through a digital platform.

Funding for this project may take the form of major donations from individuals, corporate or business sponsorships, and/or foundation grants.

Your financial support for this project is an important way to demonstrate that inclusion and respect matter. Connect with us, become our partner and contribute to making inclusive communities a reality for every child.

UOD is ready to achieve growth that is scalable and efficient but most of all effective in educating as many communities as possible about the importance of “seeing the whole person and better understanding the disability.”
   –UOD Board of Directors, 2017

For more information about how you can support this project, please contact Rebecca Lubens, Executive Director, at [email protected] or 617-559-6075.


Help us spread the word!  Download and share the one page Project Summary as a PDF file.