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It’s Ok To Be Different by Todd Parr
Free access to this book is available by listening to the author read it at the link below.  Or we suggest reviewing our extensive guide to finding suggested reading titles online, for free or at very low cost, here

Cover Art for It's Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr


It’s ok to be who you are, both inside and out. Talking about those difference is great! This book delivers the important messages of respect, understanding, and confidence. For young children first beginning to read, this book will inspire kids to celebrate their individuality.



Watch the author, Todd Parr, read the book out loud here: 



Draw your own picture with the title at the top: “It’s OK To Be…,” 

Quilt Square Instructions 1. Draw a colored border. 2. If you want, color the background using a light color. 3.Write the phrase “It’s ok to ________” (fill in the blank with your idea) 4.Draw your picture. 5. Write your initials in the bottom right hand corner.

Downloadable Quilt Square Instructions

Here’s a video of a quilt square slide show from Cabot Elementary school:

Or try a coloring page!

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Downloadable Coloring Pages:Its OK to Be Different

And, learn how to make a book with Todd Parr:

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 Downloadable PDF: How to Make a Book by Todd Parr