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Changing attitudes about disabilities so all children are included

The leader in disability awareness education since 1978. Fostering inclusive, respectful schools and communities for people of all abilities.

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School Programs on Disabilities and Chronic Medical Conditions

Our award-winning programs use a hands-on, participatory curriculum to foster respect and inclusion for people of all abilities in elementary schools and communities at large.

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Inclusion and Respect Matter

The UOD program teaches students to be more respectful and friendly, and to become allies of people with disabilities, promoting an inclusive culture in the schools and communities we serve.

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Become a Partner

We invite individuals, schools, communities and businesses to partner with us to support inclusion for disabled people, recognizing that disability is a key aspect of our diverse world.

Why Disability Awareness Education is Important

Disabilities are everywhere

Yet barriers to inclusion remain.

Accurate information and open conversation can make the difference between acceptance and discrimination.

David Ticchi, UOD speaker spotlight

Speaker Spotlight


David Ticchi, long-time speaker for our Blindness and Low Vision unit, is pictured arriving to present to 3rd graders at Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School in Newton. David remarked that he is delighted to be back speaking to kids in person. Welcome back, David!

News from UOD

UOD Provides Accessibility Lessons in Newton After-School

This week we began a presentation series about accessibility and inclusive play for students at Service Stars after-school in Newton, with a talk by a UOD speaker.
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UOD Awarded Marathon Bib; Runner Training Hard

The City of Newton has awarded one of its 20 invitational Boston Marathon bibs to Understanding Our Differences, and we have a runner, Gabrielle Barker, who is already training hard. ...
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