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Become a Community Partner

At a time when Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are so important, becoming a Community Partner with our Newton-based nonprofit organization, provider of disability awareness education since 1978, is a meaningful and unique sponsorship opportunity.

People with disabilities are your customers, your employees, your neighbors and family members. Understanding Our Differences has demonstrated its decades-long commitment to people with disabilities through our award-winning disability awareness and education curriculum delivered in the elementary school setting.

This program covers 10 disabilities and chronic medical conditions, and has touched the lives of thousands of elementary school children and adult volunteers in Newton alone, as well as in 80 schools in cities and towns in eastern Massachusetts, helping children to grow into respectful and inclusive adults.

By becoming our Community Partner, you will have the opportunity to kick off a year-long sponsorship of Understanding Our Differences. We have a large base of involved and enthusiastic supporters – and a sponsorship with us will allow you to reach this disability-friendly community of 3,000 students and their families; 500 parent volunteers; 500 event attendees, and 5,000 e-newsletter subscribers.

Our sponsorship packages provide an efficient way to enhance awareness of your business and your commitment to serving diverse individuals and families. Please contact our Director of Development Mark Murphy for details.

Village Bank employees support UOD

UOD is a crucial organization that helps promote acceptance, respect, and inclusion in our schools and in our society as a whole. Furthermore, as someone who was bullied as a child, I see UOD as a phenomenal educational vehicle to help create understanding and counteract bullying. I think the UOD program should be a staple in every elementary school and community.

Join our Community Partners in supporting UOD

We are grateful for the support of these local businesses.

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