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UOD presentations promote inclusion, understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities and individual differences at schools and in communities. Presentations allow students to ask questions in a safe space and to understand what it is like to have a disability through learning factual information, how to be inclusive and interacting with a guest speaker with the disability or chronic medical condition.

General Information about being a Guest Speaker

The guest speaker’s visit is a very important part of every UOD unit presentation, and often the favorite and most memorable part for students, teachers, staff and volunteers. Through sharing your story and answering students’ questions, you will enrich all of the information and experience they have gained from the unit introduction and activities with what it’s like for at least one person with the disability or condition and what you share in common with them. Students with the same disability often feel an extra connection and often feel encouraged to meet someone who can share their experiences in school and beyond.

Becky speaking to elementary class
Are you interested in encouraging inclusion by sharing your story?

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Are you a person with a disability seeking a meaningful role working with children, and promoting inclusion? UOD’s Program Speakers are people with disabilities from the community who help share their stories and answer questions from students.

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Adrian Anantawan plays his violin with one arm at Angier School in Newton
Becky speaking to elementary class
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