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Autism Unit

Introduction to Understanding Our Differences

Watch this very quick video about Understanding Our Differences to find out more about this program!

You will be learning about Autism soon!

  • In this unit, you will learn that individuals with autism have a wide range of abilities and each individual with autism is unique, with a combination of strengths and challenges.  Because of this wide range, autism is often referred to as a spectrum.
  • There are some challenges that many, though not all, people with autism share, including areas like communication, getting information through senses, repeating behavior and having intense interests.  Of course, some of these same challenges can be strengths, too!
  • You will  have the chance to hear a guest speaker with autism talk about their life. You will also have a chance to ask the guest speaker some questions, too. 
  • You will learn that every member of our community wants to be treated with respect, be included, and to have friends.
child with autism in class

The development of a Zoom version of the Understanding Our Differences Autism unit is supported by a grant from the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation.

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Get Ready! Learn a little bit about Autism in this video:

Amazing Things Happen – by Alexander Amelines


Now, meet some kids with Asperger syndrome (AS), a form of autism:

Intricate Minds II

In these video clips you will hear from a group of students who are about your age.  They talk about their feelings and experiences, special interests, strengths and challenges, going to school and making friends.  There are questions to think about after the video clips.

After the video, here are questions to think about:

  1. How are the children in the video similar to everyone else? 
  2. What were some of the ways the kids said they were different?
  3. What were some of the things the kids like to do and said they are good at doing?  Are any of these something you enjoy too?  
  4. What did the kids say about how they wanted to be treated? How do you want to be treated? 
  5. How did the kids in the video describe their friends?  What qualities are important to being a good friend?  How can you be a good friend to all different kinds of people?

Coming Up Next…your unit presentation will happen soon!

Can you think of questions you might have for the guest speaker?  We’ll see you soon!

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