School Programs

What children know about disabilities is not measured on any standardized test. Intolerance, name-calling and bullying are persistent problems in schools, affecting all students – especially those with disabilities or individual differences.

The Understanding Our Differences program demystifies a range of physical, sensory and developmental disabilities. In this flexible, interactive program, students develop empathy and respect as they learn to see the whole person and better understand the disability.

Please contact us if you would like to learn how to bring Understanding Our Differences to your school, classroom or youth program. Also, we invite you to review our FAQ here to learn more about costs and strategies for implementing this program in your community.

Students who participate:

  • Gain knowledge of a range of disabilities
  • Develop understanding and respect through hands-on, experiential learning
  • Expand perceptions of how people are different – and the same
  • Become more comfortable talking and reaching out to people with disabilities
  • Are less likely to engage in or tolerate bullying

The Understanding Our Differences Program, developed by educators, medical professionals and other experts in the field, is based on the belief that children can best understand the importance of inclusion when they learn about, experience, and have personal contact with people who have disabilities.

The flexible program seamlessly fits into most 3rd to 5th grade curriculum and includes one-and-one-half to two-hour instructional units on these topics: