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Spring Benefit 2023

UOD Spring Benefit 2023 banner

Thank you for celebrating 45 years with UOD!

UOD's 45th Anniversary

Spring Benefit

May 4, 2023

Honorary Co-Chairs

Mary Margaret Pappas and Faith Morningstar

UOD Leadership Awardees

Katherine Read and Jennifer Stone

Dr Jen Arnold

Keynote address by
Dr. Jen Arnold, MD, MSc, FAAP

Dr. Arnold is a physician who is Board Certified in Neonatal Medicine and is currently the Program Director of Immersive Design Systems at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Arnold stands at 3 foot 2 and has a rare type of dwarfism. She and her husband Bill (and their children) were featured on TLC’s docu-drama, The Little Couple, which followed their personal and professional lives. The show was an invaluable way to break down barriers and educate people around the country about people with disabilities.


Thank you to our event sponsors!

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