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UOD Beyond Newton

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In the last few years, we’ve had the privilege and pleasure to connect with more schools, districts and communities to deliver high-quality disability awareness programs. UOD has helped deliver regular school programming, inclusion days, custom programs and community programs in a variety of districts and settings, for example:

  • Regular programming – Lexington, Manchester Essex, North Andover, Sherborn – Pine Hill School, Arlington, North Reading
  • Pilot programs, including regular programs and inclusion days – Northborough/Southborough, Wayland, Hopkinton, Melrose, Plymouth
  • Community programs – Sudbury Goodnow Library, Arlington Library

Working with committed individuals dedicated to fostering authentic inclusion in their schools and communities has been a rewarding experience. We are looking forward to continuing and expanding to even more communities.

If you are interested in bringing school or community programming to your area, please contact Jenni Acosta, UOD Director of Curriculum, Growth and Technology, [email protected].

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